Upcoming Fedora Board Elections – Robert ‘Bob’ Jensen

Friday, May 13, 2011

There’s so much going on in the Fedora community at the moment, new releases, new faces, new events – I’m not sure in the time that I personally have been using Fedora that I have seen it quite like this..

I have a personal bug-bear currently, with the amount of bad press the community, and in particular #fedora seems to be receiving – but I’ll blog about that later….the most important thing to me at the moment is the upcoming board elections.

I have decided to nominate, and actively campaign for Robert ‘Bob’ Jensen (irc nick: EvilBob) … and I will briefly tell you my reasons for doing so:

1) For the last two elections, I have asked Bob to stand, unfortunately he declined both times (with valid reason), this time he is prepared to run, based on the confirmed vote of at least 10 people (understandable)
2) Love him or hate him, Bob is renowned for taking a no-nonsense approach to issues, by no means does this mean his actions and opinions are not pragmatic, but I regularly turn to Bob for feedback and advice in both my Fedora life, and my personal life – and although I may not *like* the answers sometimes, they are always practical and without prejudice.
3) Bob is one of the founders of Fedora Unity, and has worked tirelessly on the project to make it the success it is today, there are countless number of failed sub-projects out there, Unity is a regularly used resource of information relating to Fedora, with many how-to’s and walkthroughs – I certainly feel like his influence has played no small part in its success.
4) I DO believe Bob will influence change, he has never demonstrated a propensity to back down quietly on any of the issues he firmly believes in – I think the project needs this currently.

I am, with this blog post calling out folks to start making this project what it can be, in order for Bob to accept his nomination he wants a clear 10 supporters of this cause. I ask you to re-blog, permalink, facebook, do whatever you can to campaign this cause – ALL of us can make Fedora be what it can be…

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  1. Ben Williams says:

    I am hereby supporting Bob as well

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